Last night we held a special meeting, we have invited the photographer Francesco Jodice for a lesson in history of art and photography at the Teatro Arsenale (an ex-church on Via Cesare Correnti, Milan). Guests: Marni employees!
Francesco spoke of his artistic career until the final installation that has created for the Prado of Madrid. Work that I find very interesting because Jodice is the first artist to document the public in such an important museum.
As said Francesco, who would not want as they were leafing through an atlas to understand people who visited the museums at the time of Oscar Wilde and Baudelaire and to find out what were their attitudes, their clothing?
It was a very interesting evening that makes part of the project of the online journal of Marni Anticamera and that I hope is the beginning not only to a collaboration with Francesco but also to a series of meetings with other special people who can tell us about their work in such a passionate and involving way.