Marni has just inaugurated a new boutique in the Sanlitun district of Beijing!
I find the design of the 550 sq m store, occupying two floors, quite interesting and appealing; distinguishing itself through a predominance of geometric effects. The walls are wallpapered in interwoven octagons, reminiscent of the winter collection prints. The same pattern covers the wall-to-wall carpeting over the first floor as well as the large, ground-level matt floor-slabs.
The colors are soft, natural, with the exception of the bright red stairs paying homage to this Chinese location.
Chinese artistic world actors, singers, models and various personalities all attended the opening (as seen in this photo)… Thus bringing China even closer now.

Jiang Yi Yan, actress

Danni Li, super model

Zhou Dong Yu, actress

Philip Huang, super model

Zhang Liang, super model

Consuelo e Gianni Castiglioni with the special guests of the opening