On December 14th, 2011 a new issue of Marni’s online, quarterly magazine, ANTICAMERA, will be available.

This second issue pays tribute to the Turinese artist, Carol Rama; to her work and her tenacity with which this painter has always devoted herself for the sake of art.

Marni’s choices of  artists, with whom to collaborate in the interest of ANTICAMERA 1, are: the painter, Valerio Berruti, and the sculptor, Christiane Beer, both of whom share an affinity with Carol Rama; that of complete identification between life and art as well as of an implacable determination to proceed with their own artistic choices.

ANTICAMERA 1 is divided into three chapters: one dedicated to Valerio Berruti, one to Christiane Beer and one to Marni_Lab; Marni’s internal laboratory.  Photo features on the artists are by the photographer, Paolo Leone.