Consuelo Castiglioni interviewed by Angelo Flaccavento

Photo by Stefano Galuzzi – Fashion by Tanya Jones

“Free interpretation: I let my collections speak for me” explains Consuelo Castiglioni… she speaks of “silent elegance” of style as “narration, construction, tradition, culture and instinct”… (Angelo Flaccavento, Studio Magazine)

Consuelo continues “Marni is something of a world apart with its own schemes. People find out about us by affinity, not because they are seduced by advertising. I try to create timeless clothes which can be worn for years, mixing them season after season with new items…” and then “my fashion always follows a path related to moments, experiences, encounters… I work intuitively, using instinct as a design tool” (Angleo Flaccavento, Studio Magazine)


Brooches, brooches, brooches, brooches and even more brooches … Like flowers, trees, stylized and colourful blossoms and leaves: in the Marni Winter Edition they are made of the most unusual and surprising materials such as silicone, recycled vinyl or resin. You are literally spoilt for choice!


“Una sola moltitudine – Just one multitude”

Valerio Berruti, Verduno 2011

Small ceramic sculptures are arranged to create this circular composition which Marni_Lab photographed at the home of Valerio Berruti during the shooting of ANTICAMERA1.

One and many: each small sculpture is in fact an independent work and is different from the others. A beautiful metaphor for life and the human condition…



Marni is proud to announce that as part of its collaboration with H&M, it will raise funds for the Red Cross in Japan to help with its continuing earthquake relief work. Twenty-five percent of sales from a special unisex T-shirt will be donated to this cause. The T-shirt, wich is part of the Marni at H&M collection, will be available in 260 H&M stores worldwide beginning on March 8th, 2012, nearly a year after the earthquake struck. It will be displayed with a hang tag that informs customers of H&M’s charitable donation.


The flowery wallpaper and carpet have delicate colors, desks and chairs resemble those of a school of days gone by, the puppets sitting on the floor are of various sizes and have long rabbit-like ears or clown hats: the Marni children’s collection presented at Pitti has an essential yet at the same time poetic setting, reminiscent of a modern fairy tale …

Marni@Pitti Bimbo, 19th January 2012, c/o Spazio Uoll, Via Renato Fantoni 8, Florence