The Marni Puppet was created in 2009 as a symbol of the Marni Edition. Since then it has been used on various occasions for certain special projects like: the “Vogue Fashion Night Out”, the opening of the Selfridge shoe department store in London; for the prints on T-shirts designed by the artist, Claude Caillol; and, as decoration for necklaces and a variety of accessories.

The Puppets in these photos are some of the “winners” of a competition inside Marni; in the interest of this year’s Xmas project for the Crystal Center in Las Vegas, where the Marni boutique is located.

Career award

Best accessory award

Miss world award

Recycle award

Critic award

Gone with the wind award

Actuality award

Academy award

Last moment award


At the entrance of the Crystal Center a tall Xmas tree is on display and, under the tree, gift parcels have been arranged representing the variety of brands found within this store. The Marni gift is a Plexiglas box containing about a hundred of the most beautiful and interesting Puppets created by Marni staff.