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“Marni lounge corners” were created in 2010 as store displays for the Edition collection. A stander, a coffee table, three chairs, a carpet and  busts covered in colored plastic film are the constituent elements, selected and assembled according to the size of the various stores to make an ad hoc spectacular corner.

The project concept is the “stratification” of different materials covering the various items of furniture which accumulate one on top of the other, season after season, creating a sort of “historical memory” of the various collections and reaffirming Marni’s focus on recycling and recovery.

In this latest lounge corner, designed for the 2012 Summer Edition, items are covered with the same plastic as the previous edition but in black, while the chair covers of the 2011 Edition have been pierced to be re-used as clothes hanger covers.

The busts, necks and heads covered in plastic are now replaced by dummies in three different sizes made of plastified modular cardboard and decorated with prints from the collection. The same cardboard covers also the table and the chairs.

In Edition stores, part of the space is thus occupied by these commonly used objects which, deprived of their original function, are reassessed to acquire a striking spectacular and symbolic value