For this second issue of ANTICAMERA Marni collaborated with the Fashion Design Graduation Course of the Politecnico of Milan School of Design. This experience involved third year students in a workshop geared to studying the concept of art and creativity. The starting point of the project was the movement ‘Oulipo‘ (Officina di Letteratura Potenziale), whose members include Raymond Queneau, François Le Lionnais, Jacques Roubaud and Georges Perec.

In particular, George Perec with his book ‘Life: Instructions For Use’ and his mania for rules and mathematics as a creative instrument, were the initial elements for defining a creative path based on the individuation of a rule, a limit, a formula capable of generating an art work – a work whose value is not in the final product but in the process that created it. The results of this workshop are presented in this second issue of Anticamera and Waffling.


Potential creativity #3



Students: Marozia Fogliati, Anita Giomo, Ilaria Farina, Lidia Cardone, Hye Wook Chung


4 CHAIRS of the project Marni for the Salone del Mobile 2012, come to life under a new form.

È dolce sederci
Students: Marozia Fogliati, Anita Giomo, Ilaria Farina, Lidia Cardone, Hye Wook Chung

Dining CHAIRS, made ​​of candy, chocolate and sugar: good and beautiful!



Potential creativity #4



Students: Sofia Marinelli, Alessandra Perbellini, Emanuela Peretto, Sara Sardo, Susanna Testa

The rule becomes a game, becomes the module and during the Salone del Mobile in starts from Marni Boutique and get lost in the city of design.


Potential creativity #5



Students: Gloria Grosso, Marco Neroni, Erica Orlando, Micaela Rimoldi, Andrea Vandini

Few items: some portraits, a grid and a rule to follow (doubling or dividing the number of the pieces of a puzzle). In this way we can visually express the idea of Perec: “The elements do not determine the group, but the group determines the elements.”