The Marni space at Printemps has been designed according to Marni Edition concept that develops here in one of its different expressions.

A perforated yellow lacquered steel sheet covers the surface of two pre-existing panels placed at two opposite sides of the space. On it have been inserted some shelves – also in yellow lacquered perforated steel sheet – so that the whole panel constitutes the accessories display. Using black steel bands have been created big rectangles as pattern on the perforated panels, so that to recall the texture of the carpet laying at the center of the space. The carpet is indeed designed with squared and rectangular patterns that echo the print of some Marni textures and it is the most colorful element of the space set up. At the three sides of the carpet have been placed three modular free standing rails made out of rough steel tubular, other element typical of the Edition concept. The visible brushed S/S hinges screwed both on their top and on their bottom allow to set each rail in different ways and to change its orientation to the space. One single modular element which compose the rails has been placed on its own moving it back from the centre. In the space have been located 5 free-standing mannequins made in natural fiberglass with S/S bases. Their disposition is such that 4 of them – turned outwards – delimit the angles of the space so that coming from each side of the mall is possible to see one mannequin and the garment displayed on it. The fifth mannequin is instead located at the centre inside the space delimited by the rails. The only white element is the rectangular vinyl upholstered seat placed very close to the pre-existing column which is also white, almost to make them look like a single element. As for every Edition space, the peculiarity of the set up consists of display versatility and in this case a special attention has been placed on the echo of the furniture elements and carpet design to the pattern printed on textures.