Marni is a world of its own. Instinct, creativity, unexpectedness define it. It attracts unique personalities. The advertising campaign, shot by Nick Knight, highlights these traits while giving aura and tangibility to the Marni woman and the fragrance she is wearing. It marks an important moment for the brand, whose strength and appeal so far has been largely based on an insider’s knowledge.
Raquel Zimmermann has been chosen as the face of the campaign: for her classic beauty, strong personality, natural nobility and gentleness. She is portrayed in black & white at her most natural — no makeup, decoiffé hair — expressing both power and vulnerability, in sync with Marni’s harmonic conciliation of opposites. As to uncover Marni’s soul, which is essentially a point of view, all she wears is her own skin.
The advertising image focuses on the bottle and the bare skin of the model. It oozes a sense of dignity, calm and individuality. It speaks about personality and instinct. The graphic elements surrounding the picture act almost as a metaphor for the fragrance; they create an harmonic composition that intrigues and surprises: the rounded black line is the shoulder of the bottle; the cream color recalls Marni’s embroidered tag; even the black & white of the picture somehow echo the frosted dots screened on the glass. Here is the Marni woman: hard to pinpoint, full of personality.
Marni is a mindscape. The campaign suggests it and defines it, while inviting to personal interpretations, olfactory and beyond.

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