The world of MARNI is artistic, spirited and classic. Endlessly evolving its outer shell while keeping its core values and vision, every season MARNI introduces new ways for the woman to wear her fragranceredressing and reforming to express sophistication and whimsy in a new way.


Fall 2013 introduces MARNI Metallic- an expression of MARNI’s love of texture and the indulgent luxury of gold. A playful approach to opulence and ornamentation, MARNI Metallic celebrates the precious metal with 300 limited edition bottles that are hand-painted a luxurious metallic gold tone. The design is punctuated by transparent dots as a nod to MARNI’s graphic motifs. The signature print has been turned into a keepsake- with a sense of ingenuity nuanced with graphic precision. The contrast is harmonic and defining: sophisticated, feisty. The top of the bottle is understated with bright lacquer red – reminiscent of the Bachelite used for the MARNI jewels. Bottles and telescoping cartons are numbered – serving as an object of desire and ultimate treasure for the loyal MARNI enthusiast.

While the bottle is redressed and reformed, the classic scent remains a blend of ethereal spice and eclectic raw woods- a statement that is both elusive and memorable. Just like Consuelo Castiglioni, designer, MARNI plays with classic elements to get unexpected results through subtle edits of proportions, colors, prints and materials, the fragrance plays with classic elements in unexpected ways. The fragrance is a subtle, unique composition that renders her proclivity for the idiosyncratic mix of elements.

Cinnamon bark and cardamom pair hot and cool spicy notes while accents of crisp bergamot and earthy black pepper, pink peppercorn and ginger add contrast and substance. The rose adds a touch of vibrancy and a woodsy pedestal of patchouli, vetiver and cedar add unexpected depth and a quirky whim that is unmistakably MARNI.

Just like the clothes Consuelo designs, the fragrance is classic, yet hard to pin point. It is subtly addictive and seductive, and eminently timeless. Never blatant, it demands closer inspection. It draws in, elegantly and silently, and shows bold personality that becomes one with the wearer.

MARNI Metallic Eau de Parfum 120ml is available from November 2013 in Marni boutiques * and on >


* Italia (Milano – Roma), France (Avenue Montaigne Paris), UK (Sloane Street London), España (Madrid), USA (Soho New York – Madison New York – Melrose Los Angeles – South Coast Plaza Las Vegas – Meatpacking New York – Miami)