Marni, the elusive luxury brand created by Consuelo Castiglioni, announces the launch, within the world, of an entire section entirely dedicated to the new fragrance Marni Rose.

A collaboration between the Milanese creative team Rise:on and Marni_lab, the website depicts, with the dreamy elegance and poetically refined touch typical of Marni, the sensory and emotional landscape that develops around this unusual scent: suggestions, inspirations, dreams.


The site is inspired by pop-up books, Consuelo Castiglioni’s passion. Navigating it is like flipping through a book that keeps surprising one page after the other, allowing the fantasy world to invade the real.


Marni Rose is intended as a celebration of creativity. The new fragrance is a different interpretation of the first bouquet. Woody and intense, Black Rose becomes the absolute protagonist of the olfactory composition. It is typical of Marni to play with the proportion of elements: increasing their scale to create new, constantly shifting balances. In the olfactory transition from Marni to Marni Rose, packaging and bottle morph as well: unchanged in form, they are defined by the graphic accent of black, the color of the cap, and powder pink, the distinctive hue of both fragrance and packaging.


The entire site plays with the cleanliness of colors: the visual environment is suspended and intangible, to let the black note of the rose and the cap emerge.


The page opens with a video, playful and emotional in tone: a small drop that falls creates a succession of three-dimensional blooms and narrative passages.


The leaf and then the black rose create in the end the perfume bottle. Archive Marni prints are used to further define the visual texture.


The site is divided into different sections, which disclose Marni Rose in a succession of double pages: bottle, fragrance, collection, campaign, store finder and behind the video. The play of solids and voids, of neutrals and blacks changes with each page while keeping intact the sense of creativity that dominates the entire project.

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